Flying taxis are already close.

Flying taxis
Air traffic control agencies began to develop traffic rules for flying cabs, according to the Financial Times.

This step is a response to the plans of many companies to launch such transport for the next 10 years.

So, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EAAC) is already developing tests for such vehicles and software that they will manage.

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“A new approach to licensing will allow the EAAB to understand how the software behaves in different conditions,” quotes the publication of the European regulator.

In Britain, the body that cares for air traffic safety has created a virtual space where companies that manufacture flying taxis can test their technology.

According to the American investment bank Morgan Stanley, the passenger transportation market in cities by 2040 will reach $ 674 billion.

Uber has already announced plans for launching Uber Air – the transportation of passengers by air to 2023, the popular service of the taxi sheriff.

According to manufacturers, the first taxi that will fly will be pilots, and then they will switch to unmanned control.

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