Using Google Maps increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Using Google Maps increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Telegraph writes.

For humankind, for centuries, a keen sense of environment has developed, says former British diplomat David B. Berry, who wrote a lot about natural navigation. Now we are losing this ability through new technologies.

Bery explains that using GPS prevents the development of brain stability that is needed in later life.

“The part of the brain that is necessary for navigation, it is necessary to train, otherwise it will decrease,” – says the expert.

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Alzheimer’s disease primarily affects the hippocampus, absorbing the ability to navigate in space.

Bery, who wrote a book about the impressive animal navigation skills, believes that people also have similar abilities – even to feel the magnetic field of the Earth.

The study, conducted in March this year, showed that brain waves vary considerably during the movement of the magnetic field. This suggests that the brain subconsciously picks up the direction of motion.

“Our ancestors who conducted hunting and collecting lifestyles relied only on their senses and intelligence to target the locality,” he adds.

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