IPhone Battery: Does the Software Upgrade Affect?

Apple has pledged to warn the owners of the iPhone if updating their software can slow down the device or affect the battery life.

The company formally assumed such obligations following an investigation conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) of the United Kingdom.

Last year, the commission expressed concern that the company violated the Consumer Rights Act, as the users of iPhones do not warn that the update of the operating system may affect the work of the phone.

Concern was caused by the fact that, without knowing it, the owners of the iPhone could without the need to repair their devices or replace the battery.

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The commission emphasizes that by committing itself to greater transparency, Apple has to adhere to it.

“To comply with the Consumer Rights Act, Apple has formally agreed to improve the information it provides to people about the state of their phones’ batteries and the impact that software upgrades may have on their phones,” the statement said on the commission site.

In addition to warnings about the impact of updates, users will be provided with information on how to extend the battery life of their phones, which eventually wear out.

The company has agreed on such conditions for existing and future iPhones, the commission notes.

If Apple does not comply with its obligations, the commission may appeal to the court.

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