As the Estonians turned the old car into a sauna

The sauna festival in Rakvere, Estonia, on the weekend showed some unusual transformations – in particular, the Audi car was converted into a sauna.

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Visitors were astounded by the saunas made from tents, trailers and trucks. However, the bright yellow car attracted the most attention, reports Virumaa Journal.
Before turning into a sauna, the car was used in the funeral service.

The third generation car of the Audi 100 Avant model in 1984 would have seemed completely out of place looking like a huge chimney in its hood. And inside, soft seats were replaced by the usual wooden sauna decoration.

The newly created sauna, which also boasts LED lighting, a four-speaker audio system and a USB connection, can accommodate up to five people.

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An unusual sauna was created by a group of friends who once wanted to burrow in the building, whose construction had not yet been completed, writes blogger Adam Reng.

At first, they were considering options for renting a mobile sauna, but realized that it would be cheaper to buy an old car, turn it into a sauna and leave it alone. The total cost was only 200 euros.

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